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P Type monocular thermal camera has been specifically designed to help marine personnel detect the heat signatures of people and vessels. The P Type allows you to identify, observe and monitor objects and waters during the day or night, clearly identifying objects over 1 mile away, even in total darkness.
The P Type has been designed to offer maximum versatility in any marine situation. The P-Type is a vital piece of search and rescue equipment.



  • Designed to offer maximum versatility in any covert surveillance situation
  • Incorporates 320 x 240 uncooled sensor for unrivaled image quality
  • Extremely rugged, waterproof and easy to use
  • Choice of lenses to view different ranges (Can detect human heat signatures from 1,750m away)
  • Extremely lightweight at 0.95kg (2.1lb) with the battery attached
  • Incorporates the latest thermal imaging technology and can be used in conditions of zero visibility
  • Super-fast power up time
  • Latest battery technology enables 5 hour battery life as standard
  • signed specifically for marine use



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